Trading and Hedging

Risk solutions and market access for charterers, traders, financial institutions and investors

As your business grows, it may no longer be optimal to fix your shipments at ‘spot’ or using ‘Forward Contracts’. There are many derivative-based solutions that can help protect your Shipments from risks, while also providing you with commercially attractive outcomes.

Handysize Chartering Pool offers Trading and Hedging services which aim to protect and secure a future business against any risks. The Freight Platform is an option to hedge future shipments of clients under guaranteed freight rate. We quote Freight Rates basis voyage agreement via The Freight Platform. You can hedge your future shipments on a voyage basis and protect shipments against market changes and risks.

With The Freight, the trading platform we offer to the clients guaranteed Freight Quotation for future dates up to 12 months and the most appropriate open vessel and freight rate for your cargoes in the physical spot market.

We know which open vessel is the best candidate for your shipments so let us know about your cargoes and have a chance to find out better freight indication and best candidates.

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Our philosophy is to add transparency to the risk management and hedging process. Our daily and fixed freight structures are designed to reassure you that we are objective and on your side, unlike a Shipowner, helping you choose the best available strategies for your specific situation.
The Freight of hedging instruments is not transparent. A key part of the service that we provide is to negotiate with the shipowners in order to reduce the excessive ‘hidden’ margins charged on hedging instruments. As we use the same market data-driven Freight models as the ship operators, you can be assured that you have achieved a fair Freight Rate for your hedge.