Sale and Purchase

Handysize Chartering Pool works Sale and Purchase Market and Our portfolio consist of General Cargo Carriers and Bulk Carriers. The important activity of our company is Sale and Purchase Department which is actively involved in new building program and the selling of and second-hand vessels belonging to our clients and investors replacement vessels to suit their needs in Drybulk Market.

Consistent to our long-standing experience, we provide turn-key, professional services starting from the initial negotiations of a sale/purchase of a vessel up to her delivery, covering the full spectrum of the Sale and Purchase process.

Our main aim is to create a more cohesive working environment with our clients to find out exactly what they are looking for and to what extent we can be of service to them.

As a service to our clients, we are also involved in selling vessels for demolition to shipyards in Aliaga Turkey.

We are pleased to publish our reports for any tonnage in the market with Pricing and Commercial details so Please do not hesitate to contact our brokers.