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Handysize Chartering PoolHandysize Chartering LLC is an independent firm founded in New York and Izmir as Chartering Pool on Drybulk Market under name of the “Handysize Chartering Pool”. Handysize Chartering Pool serves the shipping market with a diversity of services as Time Charter Operator, Commercial Management, FFA Trading, and Booking Agency and Shipbrokering. Handysize Chartering Pool developed innovative online Chartering and Trading Platform “The Freight Platform” to provide better services to clients.
Handysize Chartering pool is supported by reliable Partners and Investors for hedging and booking operations. After we cover the shipments for future dates, get assistance about risk management and hire the vessels upon shipment dates or re-let the risks based on Bunker, Hire hedge trading with reliable companies.
Handysize Pool system scopes the fair trade. It’s a tool which composes break-even freight estimation for owners in order to maintain a clear path in terms of sorting out the maximum reliable pre-freight calculation. This simple method allows owners to reduce intermediator chain, execute easier fixture and save valuable time.
Joining our pool brings you strong hands Because of Our pool works more than a charterer, Our experiences connecting you to the power of our all clients.

The Freight PlatformThe Freight Platform gives services to clients to analyze market conditions with Algorithms and information from reliable channels and decision-maker on physical spot markets and FFA/Hedge tradings. Our clients reach open suitable vessels at loading zone with an estimated freight rate for each candidate, however, can quote cargoes to vessels online or book shipments to reduce risks for future business. The Risks determinate by A/I in the system and offer the services according to clients requirement.
for more information thefreight.net

Our StrategyOur goal is to make the best offer to our customers on The Freight Platform with guarantee freight rates.
We seek to continue to optimize Freight Markets with a moderate risk profile. By constantly refining our advanced risk management systems we ensure that we adapt to a continuously changing market environment in a controlled manner. Our business model is based on online and smooth operations, with extensive use of optionality in our trading activities.

Customer RelationshipThe Freight platform is a chartering platform and interface of Handysize Chartering Pool to the customers. You can calculate freight rates for any shipment here, reach the appropriate vessels within seconds, and quote to shipowners via Handysize Chartering LLC just in time. With the new platform we have prepared, you will have individual agreements with the shipowner for the shipments to provide you with the opportunity to earn time in the chartering process and fix vessels at market freight levels.
In a challenging market with an increasing demand for instant action and proportionally less time to do so, an easy and reliable The Freight Platform is the answer. We provide you with accurate and reliable data at your fingertips. With our close attention to customer retention, we endeavor to grant further flexibility outside the agreed customized C/P thus strengthening long-term relationships.

Corporate ResponsibilityOur corporate responsibility goes beyond how we interact with our clients and platforms on a day-to-day basis. It also has to do with our commitment to give back to our local and global communities. At Handysize Chartering Pool, we are dedicated to investing our time and energy to public service.
We strongly believe it’s a company’s responsibility to help people in need within the local and global communities. We also believe a company is responsible for contributing to the betterment of the environment. Whether it’s conserving energy or waste control, we adhere to environmentally friendly regulations in order to help preserve our environment. Another important aspect of our dedication – when it comes to serving the community – is diversity. Our employees and platforms replicate the diversity of our communities and our global marketplace.
We believe diversity enables us to obtain the brightest and most creative platforms in order to establish a culture that is open to the needs of all people.

TransparencyOur philosophy is to add transparency to the risk management and hedging process. Our daily and fixed freight structures are designed to reassure you that we are objective and on your side, unlike a Shipowner, helping you choose the best available strategies for your specific situation.
The Freight of hedging instruments is not transparent. A key part of the service that we provide is to negotiate with the shipowners in order to reduce the excessive ‘hidden’ margins charged on hedging instruments. As we use the same market data-driven Freight models as the ship operators, you can be assured that you have achieved a fair Freight Rate for your hedge.

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