Risk Management

1360774951Risk management is an essential part of HCP corporate DNA. It is a fundamental in all our operations. More than a set of systems and models, risk management is a way of thinking that permeates the organisation from top to bottom and across departments. A decision is always considered on a risk-adjusted basis.Our risk management infrastructure is continuously updated to remain relevant to the current risk environment.

Relationships are crucial for our business. We depend on our customers and tonnage providers to maintain and develop our large and diversified trading pattern, and we are always working hard to strengthen and grow our customer base.

The risk of working with you will determine the value of the service we give you.

The levels we use in determining the risk ratio of the vehicle are as follows.

Low Risk Levels

In this level of risk, we act as shipbroker for spot drybulk markets. Here we serve as a broker between the owner and the tenant. At the same time, we provide you with reliable customers, and we inform you instantly through the platform in all operations.

Medium-Risk Levels

We are insuring the entire risk by playing on FFA trade. In this way, they can fix vessels at low-risk levels without being affected by volatility in the market. We strongly recommend FFA trading to customers. It is the safest way to protect from any imbalance that may occur in the market.

High-Risk Levels

We book shipments for the future dates at this risk level, and we work on the spot market taking the price of risk for you. We also carry this service as a disponent owner for your cargo to our T/C operation. According to market conditions, we can relet shipment to a reliable operator. According to the terms of the day, we are moving towards the satisfaction of our customers.