Freight-Con Charter Party


The Freight-Con charter party tailored especially for The Freight Exchange. It supports you to make a deal with the right conditions according to the transportation carried out. The terms used are based on the ethical and legal orientation of the customers in situations that may arise.

Although the technology has progressed so far, the tools have not yet fully supported the people in the deal stage. For each shipment, the client must determine own conditions and negotiate through it. The Freight Exchange creates contracts that will protect you completely and reduce unnecessary bargaining in the negotiation phase.

As the freight figures calculate according to the conditions determined by the client in the Freight-Con Charter Party, this saves you unnecessary freight bargain and saves your time.

With the particular system set up by The Freight Exchange, Freight-Con Charter Party is flexible and tailored to suit every shipment. The most appropriate Charter Party for your shipment will be prepared considering all possibilities of cargo, port, voyage, ship. You can review it on the result page, and specify it in the note section to replace, change, ignore, comment before proceed to owners review.

One of our most important goals when preparing the Freight-Con is to prevent corruption. We are putting all the necessary conditions in order to prevent bribery. Bimco standard clauses are used for this.

This agreement was made to remove all unnecessary time-consuming complexity in the agreements. The terms of the Freight-Con are categorized and listed for ease of understanding.