Risk Management

Rish management is DNA of our company which means every decision of business step analyze by our investor team and supports only against proper business in the company financial statement limits. Investor team located in our NY office in heart of the world trading center. They are Business Entrepreneurs and support thousands of companies in the digital market.


Handysize Chartering Pool provides freight services to various commodity trading companies and third-party clients. Chartering operations are managed out of Handysize Chartering Pool’s Izmir office.

for more information chartering@handysize.net

Trading & Hedge

Trading & Hedge Business is providing via The Freight Exchange Platform. All employees responsible to keep the platform alive for guaranteed freight rates so The task of all departments is to do their job best to make the platform safe, accurate and ready to trade.

for more information trading@handysize.net

Information Technology

Software managers located in cities that are in the forefront of the digital era in U.S. make the necessary arrangements in the system in a continuous communication with the Captains in operation. They are always working for user satisfaction.

for more information it@handysize.net


All post-fixture operations, which include issuing voyage orders, completing stowage plans, negotiating with port agents and handling demurrage claims are managed centrally from our Izmir office.

for more information operations@handysize.net


Handysize Chartering Pool registered in New York and handling commercial activities in Newyork. All the issues that concern the legal department are coordinated with the world famous law offices here. All of our company’s responsibilities apply to New York state laws.

for more information claim@handysize.net


The whole communication of our company takes place through New York office. The concierge service has all the digital hardware needed to organize the in-house and customer relationships in the best way. Thanks to our global offices, we can serve you in all time zones.

for more information info@handysize.net