Code Of Ethics

Handysize Chartering Pool employees are bound to the highest standards of confidentiality and non-disclosure. Our Code of Conduct requires that employees keep the Principal’s affairs confidential at all times. This encompasses all information pertaining to rates, systems, procedures, contracts and overall activities. We are proud to assure all of our Principals and customers of our commitment.

Handysize Chartering Pool is entirely against bribery. It uses the highest standard of regulation for its agreements. The entire experience required for the rental and operation process to be sustainable is transferred to the digital environment to prevent misunderstanding in human relationships. The risk of creating a human factor that is an online working principle is eliminated. Online relationship management will prevent the need for bribery. This meticulous work environment minimizes the risk to our customers and makes us valuable from our competitors in the operations we do.

The Standard Corporate Code

Integrity: ethical handling of personal Vs professional interests
Objectivity: compliance with laws, rules, and regulations
Independence: prompt reporting appropriately
Confidentiality: enforceable without side effects
Competency: full, fair, accurate, timely, understandable report disclosures
Accountability: adherence to the code
Sustainability: be present everywhere at all times
Respect for Human Life: protect the Human dignity
Protect the Environment: protecting it like our home