About Handysize

Handysize Chartering Pool LLC was founded in New York as Chartering Pool firm on Drybulk Market. HCP has concluded an agreement with Investment Funds to hire ships for T/C operation and play on Hedge , FFA , Booking Markets.

Handysize Chartering Pool LLC provides the Freight basis ”per metric tonne” for more than 23 million routes traded in Panamax , Supramax and Handysize Drycargo Vessels Worldwide.

Handysize Pool

Handysize Pool system scopes the fair trade. It’s a tool which composes break-even freight estimation for owners in order to maintain a clear path in terms of sorting out the maximum reliable pre-freight calculation. This simple method allows owners to reduce intermediator chain, execute easier fixture and save valuable time.

Joining to our pool brings you strong hands Because of Our pool works more than a charterer , Our experiences connecting you to power of our all clients. Be Part of Us

Our team support you during negotiation and voyage stages with well known experiences.

Customer Relationship

In a challenging market with an increasing demand for instant action and proportionally less time to do so, a easy and reliable The Freight Exchange Platform is the answer. We provides you with accurate and reliable data at your fingertips.

With our close attention to customer retention, we endeavour to grant further flexibility outside the agreed customized C/P thus strengthening long-term relationships.

The Freight Exchange platform is a chartering platform for Handysize Chartering Pool customers. You can calculate freight rates for shipments here, reach the appropriate vessels within seconds, and quote to ship owners directly. With the new platform we have prepared, you will have individual agreements with the shipowner for the shipments to provide you with the opportunity to earn time in the chartering process and fix vessels at market freight rates.

The Standard Corporate Code

Integrity: ethical handling of personal Vs professional interests
Objectivity: compliance with laws, rules and regulations
Independence: prompt reporting appropriately
Confidentiality: enforceable without side effects
Competency: full, fair, accurate, timely, understandable report disclosures
Accountability: adherence to the code
Sustainability: be present everywhere at all times
Respect for Human Life: protect Human dignity
Protect the Environment: protecting it like our home