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Global Drybulk Indexes

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E-Freight platform calculates the actual rate on the master craftsman through the open vessels in your loading zone and indicates the most appropriate vessels. The Freight Exchange saves you time by verifying that the ship’s draft, ETA, built, class details are all right.


E-Stem platform offers an innovative and forward-looking chartering platform, built to make the chartering process more efficient regarding the practical rules, experience, and ethics.

The Freight Exchange

The Freight Exchange offer members to track vessel open positions and analyze them about ETA, Tonnage, Draft and sort them with freight estimation. This module gives a chance to reach correct vessel rapidly and negotiation power with estimations.

Post Fixture

End-to-end planning. Post-Fix is our platform where we provide operational services to clients online.

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Innovative and Real-Time Services

The Freight Exchange is a regularly updated that offers current market freight rates and clear analysis of the latest dry freight and fixture rates.

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Freight Diversity and Methodology

By adjusting the various voyage parameters the system will provide you with an accurate estimate based on the reported data for your specific route and conditions.

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Experience and Capabilities

Our Clients deserve High Quality Services so we care about our business partners that protect clients rights and support clients just on time.

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